Digital Enterprise Management: Tendaji Services

Tendaji Education Services

Tendaji Application Development Services

Tendaji Technical Support Services

Tendaji Applications Hosted Services

Tendaji Resourcing Services

Tendaji Infrastructure Services

Managed Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Services

Cloud Management

Application Optimisation as a Service

Cloud Backup and Backup as a Service

Replication as a Service

Monitoring as a Service

IT Service Management

Scheduling and automation

Provisioning & DevOps

Security Operations for Internal IT

Datacenter Automation and Security

Capacity and performance Optimization

IT Operations and Analytics Optimization

Datacenter Discovery and Mapping

Cloud Management

Mobility and End User Management

Service Desk_aaS

End User Experience Management_aaS


Service Management_aaS

Security Operations_aaS

Service Provision_aaS

Capacity Optimization_aaS



Cloud Management_aaS

Operations Management_aaS

Tendaji Education Assessment

Tendaji Value Realization Assessment

Tendaji Cloud Readiness Assessment

Tendaji Capacity Optimization

Tendaji Cloud Migration

Tendaji Cloud Capacity Assessment

Tendaji Performance Assessment

Tendaji Service Level Agreements

Tendaji Support Services

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